Ice & Snow Damage Prevention

Gutters themselves do not cause ice dams and the resulting water back-up. Rather, ice dams occur when snow builds up and remains on the roof during a cold snap. The snow under the pile melts, travels down the roof a ways, then re-freezes, forming an acumulative wall of ice. Later, when more snow melts, the water running down the roof is stopped by the ice and backs up under the shingles. This can cause leaking into the attic and utlimately through the ceilings and walls.

If the attic, vaulted ceiling, or knee-walls are properly insulated and ventilated then this problem should not occur. If you do experience water problems it is important you have as much ice and snow as possible removed from this area. In extreme cases heating cables may be installed on your roof. Sudbury Seamless Gutters provides both snow and ice removal services as well as installation of the cables.*

*Ice dam prevention cables may need to be hardwired by a licensed electrician.