How We Do Gutters

Sudbury Seamless Gutters prides itself in providing the highest quality, superior service, and 'satisfaction-guaranteed' installations. We appreciate your business and will do whatever is necessary to ensure your satisfaction for the life of your installation.

Gutter Removal

After carefully removing old gutters, we will make sure the fascia is in good condition. If fascia replacement is needed we do it. The position of the new gutters may need to be different fom the original. You may have to do some minor paint touch-up of your fascia boards. Next we clean the entire work area and properly remove and dispose of the old gutters

Gutter Installation

  • We offer 5'' and 6'' aluminum and copper.
  • We only use commercial grade aluminum seamless gutter material (.032 inch thick)! (see color chart)

  • Click for Color Diagram
  • What makes Sudbury Seamless Gutter installations unique:
  • Gutter pitch is set with a LASER level.
  • All roof rafter ends are located and marked.
  • Heavy duty hidden bar hangers are positioned over each rafter end.
  • The gutter is secured using 2 1/2 inch hot-dipped galvanized screw shank nails OR the Raytec Hangfast hanger.

    Click for Raytec hanger
  • Our entire installation method is designed to withstand the ice and snow build-up typical of New England winters.

Downspouts and Elbows

We use heavy-duty aluminum (.025 inch thick) 2x3 downspouts and our downspout outlets are 2 3/4". The standard size is 2 3/8"! All downspouts are screwed together using stainless steel, non-rusting hex-head screws. We then secure downspouts to the house using a hidden cleat. We do not use unsightly straps over the front of the downspouts. This type of installation prevents joints from coming apart in the years to come.

Fascia Replacement

If fascia replacement is needed we offer pre-primed pine or PVC. We paint the new fascia to match your existing.